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In recent time Records Management Services is an important Service to different enterprises. It not only saves space but also save valuable time for the enterprises, at the same time fraudulent accounting, investigations, and publicizing the mishaps of several well known companies thrust proper records management and corporate accountability into the spotlight. High performance organizations realize that efficient use of office space along with secure and cost-effective management of documents is vital to growth. With GreenHive, enterprises can also be assured of our commitment to being Green in our operations and offerings.
Additionally, non-compliance with industry and government regulations began to result in expensive litigation, financial penalties, imprisonment and bankruptcy. All of this was due to poor or inadequate recordkeeping. Businesses are forced to become more auditable, transparent, and comply in a more regulated environment. Acts enacted in USA, India businesses are require to comply with, be it the Patriot Act, FDA regulations and Sarbanes – Oxlay Act (SOX) of 2002, Data Privacy Rules, Right to Information Act, tightening regulations by IRDA, SEBI, RBI, Income Tax; have put the focuses on business records, including electronic records and electronic messages. But often these acts do not tell a business how to store their records, nor does it assist with business processes.

You are welcome to visit our website at & also please find herewith GreenHive introduction for an optimal records management system & process which is customized to meet enterprises & industry requirements.
Our Strength
  •  50 years experience in Logistics Services with more than 100 branches all over India
  •  BSE Listed infact first logistics & transportation company to be listed
  •  Fast movement for Retrievals Services
  •  More than 600 direct employees & proper Investment in people
  •  Proper Invest in Technology
  •  Client interfacing web access facility
  •  ECO Friendly, Green Facility & Standalone Facility
  •  Media Storage facilities in Fire proof heavy duty vaults
  •  Low Pollution Vehicles
  •  Our own branded fleet includes covered container and Secured Two wheelers
  •  Total confidentiality is offered
  •  GreenHive employee’s background check is done by a professional Agency
  •  Each & every GreenHive employees sign a confidentiality agreement with the company
  •  Only authorized personnel are allowed to seek retrieval
  •  Only authorized personnel are allowed inside the facility
  •  No information is given over the phone
  •  Cartons contain no title or customer name
  •  Random stowing of carton
Services we offer
  •  Consulting Services
  •  BPO & QC Services
  •  Document Storage Solution
  •  Retrieval Options
  •  Retention Policy
  •  Media Vaults
  •  Shredding Services
  •  Document conversion
  •  Archiving @ Office Relocation
  •  Imaging @ Cutting Edge Technology
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